Check iqama status and expiry

By | March 8, 2020

Iqama is the Allowness to Government or permission letter to Stay in Saudi Arabia for work or business. All workers of Saudi Arabia need to follow all the rules of Saudi Arabia and must Focus on the whole information of their iqama. Millions of Peoples go to Saudi Arabia every year. Are you want to go to Saudi Arabia for work or Omrah, If yes then you must need to know and follow all the rules status of iqama and Saudi Arabia Country.

Permission letter that Allows you or gives you permission from the government for work or business. Without Permission letter or Visa, you can’t allow the go into Saudi Arabia from Your country and also from the Saudi Arabia Airport.

Basically iqama is the identity of you and the letter of working in Saudi Arabia. The permission of the government must be needed to issue this letter means iqama. 

Saudi Arabia peoples can easily check the whole information about their iqama with this latest way. That way will be discussed below. So the peoples can easily follow this new and easy method to check and get whole information about your iqama status.

The Government of Saudi Arabia cancels the visa of those peoples who can’t renew and can’t care about the expiry date of their iqama. 

Carefully know and check the iqama status and check iqama expiry date on time and on the day. Because if you can’t care about that then the Government can’t allow you to work in Saudi Arabia. Follow all the instruction rules and all things about this in the KSA in 2020.

Absher Method To Check Iqama Status & Expiry

The Latest method of Checking the iqama status and expiry date is very easy and simple for everyone. Even uneducated peoples can also check about that very easily with the help of this new and latest method on android and PC. 

Check Your status of iqama every details like the iqama red green and expiry of iqama on our site. The Latest method of check whole information about iqama is an Absher. Absher has two methods. The one method of Absher is checking with the Absher website and the second is checking with the Absher app. 

Method of checking in Both these processes approximately 90 percent the same. Checking with website first go to the website and register your account and fill information for registration. After that login and check the details in the Dashboard. For checking with the app simply and install and follow the above method to check iqama status and expiry date. 


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